Karen Matz

Karen does intuitive and medium readings.  She does past life work and specializes in the Atlantian healing method done with crystal energy, talked about by Edgar Cayce. she is also an M.A. in Sleep and Dream research so she does life coaching in these aspects as well. She charges $60.00 for one hour and $40.00 for half and hour.

Contact her at  [email protected] phone is 501-701-8027

Talismanic Gemstones Reading by Zanzea


"Each and every one of us have our own personal lucky stones which could be determined thru your birth-chart. By providing us your birth date, place and the time you were born, we can determine your talismanic gemstone's. We use a method handed down from sages to sages thru secret societies thru the ages. We do not do fortune telling. This is for determining your talismanic gemstone's which helps to strengthen your luck factor."

Your reading and birth chart will be emailed to you.  Use the contact form on this website to have your personal reading.  

Dr. H. Katherine Denow

Board Certified

Chiropractic Neurologist

Office Hours by Appointment

545 Carpenter Dam Rd

Hood Plaza, Suite D

Hot Springs, AR

(501) 262-9991

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Tom Tutt

Massage Therapist


Angel Assistant.com
Email [email protected]

Do you want your mind at ease knowing that your family member is being well cared for?

Having someone to take care of all those little chores and loving things for your family member is a plus.

To lighten your loved ones load will in return lighten yours.



Deborah Decker

Natural Foods Chef and Baker

Specializing in gluten-free and vegan



Marie Dunkel - Advanced Rolfer and Cranial Sacral Therapist.  Little Rock/ Hot Springs.  [email protected] 501-307-8228

I'm sure you've heard about lucid dreaming.  It's what happens when you wake up INSIDE your dream... becoming consciously aware,
you are granted the amazing ability to control every aspect of your dream!

Most people have had this occur at least a few times in their lifetime. But 99% of the population have no CLUE that they can
activate this ability every single night...

Here's how:

Imagine this...  You get comfortable and fall soundly asleep.

The next thing you notice, is that you're sitting in a chair, in a well-lit room and across from the table in front of you sits
none other than Einstein. And he says, "Ask me anything. I have much to share."

Or, let's say you're deathly afraid of something. You could conjure up the world's best psychologist to help you get rid of
your fear or phobia forever...

Or... what if you're a musician, and you would love the FREEDOM of playing your instrument with mastery level skill for
hours on end... perhaps create a new masterpiece or the next BIG hit...

The fact is, many of the world's great inventors, musicians, poets, authors, artists and visionaries claim they
receive their ideas from their DREAMS!  And now... you can CONTROL them, in as little as seven short nights.

                               Just think of the possibilities.            You can become a MASTER of your dreams.

                                         And it all starts here:   http://partners.selfdevelopment.net/ref/57430/1b325f70